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As the use of automation has been rising globally, robots are exchanging the places of manual intervention in various activities. Robotics reads that almost 15% of the businesses globally make use of Artificial Intelligence for their operations and about 31% of the businesses are thinking of doing so over the next fiscal year. In addition to this, it is also found that roughly 34% of the robots of industrial genre sold by 2025 shall be of collaborative nature to assist humans in their work.

What is Robotics? 

What is Robotics

Robotics is a hybrid form of engineering which includes mechanics, electrical professionals, as well as, software experts for creating a dynamic framework. But in order to build it, a basic knowledge of computer science is also needed. Also, robotics involves every activity right from programming the software to making the robot fully functional for real and virtual functions for human assistance.

Features of robotics-

  • The smart sensibility

The robot is a machine and does not have an intelligence of its own. Hence, it is the Artificial Intelligence that helps it sense the surroundings and act accordingly. This feature is promoting the use of such a robust technology. Example The use of robotics as virtual assistants in a smart car

  • Mobility

Movement or mobility is one of the unique selling propositions of the robotics technology which attracts most of its users. Example The CEO of Microsoft speaking in front of a crowd through a robot while he was at the headquarters.

  • Power sources

Robots can be hybrid enough to charge themselves through sources like solar, electricity, or even batteries. This makes the mechanism more versatile for usage and is in great demand.

Example A prototype got disqualified due to limited power backup facility.

Benefits of robotics-

Benefits of robotics

  • To enable creative thinking

Introducing robotics in schools and universities has helped many students gain confidence in their creativity through their robotic projects. Also, there have been many young minds that have turned masters before even reaching their teenage.

  • Mind engagement

Just as an empty mind is a devil’s workshop, robotics is a subject that provokes the creativity in all age groups to develop a framework differently. Robotics is also positive for a mind that is inquisitive.

  • Skills for programming

Robotics helps in gaining programming skills for students belonging to almost any age group as the grasping power is high. Also, the understanding of Artificial Intelligence may trigger future software experts in the domain.

Employment in robotics-

Employment in robotics

As it has been predicted that Robotics shall turn out to rank among the top 3 consumer markets by 2025, the job market for this particular domain shall also increase. More software experts in regard robotics shall be demanded by various organizations like Microsoft and Google. There are also possibilities of startups hiring experts for Artificial Intelligence.


Robotics is a very vast subject which has dynamic usage and is in great demand globally. The knowledge of programming and creating a vast framework has helped many to gain their piece of fame.

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