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If I say that nowadays the technicians and engineers are continuously trying to connect each and every electronic circuit with other devices and internet, then would you agree? Maybe you’d say that it’s not completely true and the connected world is still far away. But, believe me you have no idea how quickly things are going on and we are just not realizing that in a few years connected things will be everywhere around us. It’s not just about the smartwatches anymore as now we have smart homes, smart phones, smart speakers, etc. This all has occurred due to the introduction of IoT (Internet of Things). As per the recent studies it has been estimated that in the next five years, there’ll be 25 billion IoT objects around us. Isn’t this exciting?

Even the companies are transforming their business processes and incorporating IoT to work in a better way. The smart refrigerators have already made it to the market and now we are waiting for more such devices. We’ll have smart fabrics that will take care of our health and kettles that can start brewing the tea or coffee when we’ve just started from office.

For this next big thing, the consumers and the businessmen are going mad and this has made them anxious about finding the right people with the needed skill sets. People want the coders and developers who are much more than IT professionals and possess intuitive problem-solving skills. The experts need to recognize that the technical landscape is changing constantly and so should the way to design things. If we talk about what all you really need for becoming an IoT expert, then here are a few tips:

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Knowing business intelligence or getting familiar to data science. Technologies like Hadoop, Predictive Analytics, Tableau, Elastic Stack or Machine Learning should be on your tips.

Learning information security is also essential for designing a reliable IoT device. Actually, the Internet of things is very vulnerable currently and suffering from many DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. Thus, it is necessary to keep the information safe and for this the developers must gain knowledge about the vulnerability assessment.

Analyzation and collection of data is an important step of creating an IoT system. But, for making it successful it is crucial for the developer to be able to decipher the pattern and predict the outcome. Thus, machine learning, AI, deep learning and even neural networks must be your strong points.

What all jobs one can get after attaining expertise in IoT?

Networks and Architecture


IoT is a network of connected devices and due to wide number of implementations you have to install various types of sensors and transmitter to allow the devices to communicate. Thus, number of roles in networks and architecture field have evolved with IoT.

Security Managers


IoT devices share a lot of information with each other, thus they should be able to protect that information from any malicious external source. A cyber security specialist is the one who ensures the security of data in IoT solutions.

Device and Hardware


The one who actually puts together all the electrical components in order to design an IoT device is a hardware engineer. Hence, their requirement is increasing with a great pace due to the introduction of IoT.

Mobile and UI developer


With the addition of IoT in the phones and laptops, our lives are now completely attached with smart devices. Also, the main aim of IoT is to connect everything and mobile phones are a perfect platform for that. This implies there is a high demand of iOS and Android developers in IoT. This demand also includes the requirement for the User Experience and User Interface designers.

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